Sons of Anarchy 4.08 ‘Family Recipe’ Episodic Still

I’ve added 1 high quality still of Charlie and the lovely Katey Sagal from tomorrow night’s new episode.

Gallery Link:
Season 4 > Episodic Stills

2 Comments on “Sons of Anarchy 4.08 ‘Family Recipe’ Episodic Still”

  1. sons of anarchy show the unmistakable talent and charisma Mr. HUNNAM has and would like to see him doing more projects

  2. That is for Dam sure!!! Charlie Hunnam is an outstanding actor. The first movie I sore him in was Green Street Hooligans and I thought he was absolutely amazing but then I seen the series SOA and it just made me love him so much more as an actor. I can’t believe after Green Street Hooligans he has not been snapped up for more movies as a leading role. I think he has more then proven his talent as an actor. He ticks all the boxes for what an actor should be in my eyes. Just to top it off he is unbelievably good looking. Everything a man should be!

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