411 Mania: Top 8 TV Shows of 2011

#1: Sons of Anarchy
Your first hint on this should have been the fact that I did a Top 8 Sons of Anarchy episodes list last week. Like Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy has always been able to up the stakes season after season. However, where there were a coup[le slight dips of quality in some of the middle seasons of Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy has managed to improve itself every single season. This season the cards were laid out with Clay finally being set up as the villain, and even though we knew he had to die, he survived. Not only that, he survived in a way that made sense and didn’t stretch credibility. The only potential flaw you can find in this show, which has been much talked about and in my eye amplified simply BECAUSE critics need something to pick at, is the storyline with Juice’s racial secret, something which seemed a wee bit frivolous from the get-go but played out just fine overall. The performances are the best the show has ever seen; standouts are Katie Segal, Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff and especially Ryan Hurst. This is, flat-out, the greatest show on television and even if you don’t dig it, you have to respect it.


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