Episode Guide: Season 2

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Sep 08, 2009 2×01: Albification

SAMCRO has to deal with the murder of Opie’s wife and Ethan Zobelle, a sophisticated white supremacist, comes to town to open a tobacco store. He and his associate, AJ Weston, are motivated to bring down SAMCRO due to their relationship with Black and Latino gangs.
Sep 15, 2009 2×02: Small Tears

After Gemma experiences something horrible she can’t tell Jax and Clay. Unser and Tara help Gemma cover it up and keep it a secret. A rival porn producer comes to try and put Luann out of business and Clay doesn’t like Jax’s decision making. Also when SAMCRO gives AK’s to the Niners, they get ambushed by the Mayans who were tipped off by Zobelle.
Sep 22, 2009 2×03: Fix

Zobelle comes up with a problem that Hale can solve to frustrate SAMCRO. Meanwhile, Gemma being raped is really effecting her relationship with Clay and the fact that Jax is involved with Luanne’s porn business is bothering Tara. Clay decides to give Bobby the responsibility of running the business side of Luanne’s.
Sep 29, 2009 2×04: Eureka

SAMCRO leaves Charming to participate in a charity motorcycle club run, and with them gone, Gemma runs into more trouble with the League. Tig is injured while on the run with the club and has to be taken to hospital. More tension arises between Jax and Clay as they disagree on how to rescue Tig after he gets taken by bounty hunters
Oct 06, 2009 2×05: Smite

Gemma finds answers and becomes closer to Tara. Chief Unser tells Deputy Chief Hale the truth. The tension between the white supremacists and SAMCRO is growing. After Otto is attacked in jail, Clay wants to get revenge quickly and violently. Jax, on the other hand, believes that the Aryans planned the attack because they expect SAMCRO to react quickly, recklessly, and without thinking it through. Jax wants to wait and be smart about carefully planning their next move. Because of their conflicting ideas on how to deal with the situation, they both individually try to convince the other members of their ideas before the club has the official vote on how to deal with Zobelle.
Oct 13, 2009 2×06: Falx Cerebri

After the car bomb attack on Chibs, SAMCRO hunts for those responsible. Clay’s thirst for retaliation and revenge causes Jax to turn to Hale for help. Meanwhile Gemma shows Tara how old ladies handle anger.
Oct 20, 2009 2×07: Gilead

With some of the club’s members in jail, they must make new affiliations behind bars to stay alive. ATF Agent Stahl pays a visit to the Jax and Clay in jail to try to get them to rat on the IRA in exchange for immunity. Gemma works on getting bail for their release. Opie requests help from Lyla to get drugs from her dealer to use in a plan to set someone up. Opie and Trammel’s set up doesn’t go according to plan.
Oct 27, 2009 2×08: Potlatch

SAMCRO has to deal with Zobelle and LOAN, The Mayans, and the IRA gunrunners. SAMCRO takes extreme measures to get guns for a customer. Georgie Caruso and his guys mess up Luann’s studio. Chibs’ estranged wife shows up to visit him at the hospital. Clay makes a deal with Elliot Oswald. Tragedy strikes Luann’s porn studio. Tara’s personal life clashes with her professional life when something Gemma does gets her in trouble at work. Gemma’s club dinner does not go as expected.
Nov 03, 2009 2×09: Fa Guan

With SAMCRO’s adult-film business becoming a problem for the club, Clay uses this as an opportunity to further their gun-running business. Jax and Clay continue to clash in decisions about the club. Also Clay wants to pull Opie further into club business to protect his secret, while Jax uses an opportunity to look after Opie.
Nov 10, 2009 2×10: Balm

Clay calls for a club vote to allow Jax to go nomad. The SOA get into a new line of business selling ammo along with guns. Agent Stahl goes after the IRA using Chibs and the SOA. Gemma tells Jax and Clay about her assault. Tara gets suspended from the hospital.
Nov 17, 2009 2×11: Service

The rest of the club finds out what happened to Gemma and plot their revenge on Zobelle and Weston. Opie learns the truth about Donna’s murder from Tig and the club deals with the fallout. Opie goes after Agent Stahl for her role in Donna’s death. Jax learns somethings about Zobelle and LOAN. Chibs comes clean with the club about his dealings with Agent Stahl.
Nov 24, 2009 2×12: Culling

SOA gathers the tribe for protection, preparing for the showdown with Zobelle and Weston. The club gets revenge on Weston, Agent Stahl and the IRA. Gemma and Tara talk religion, Tara gets her job back using her connections to the club. Tensions mount between Chief Unser and Deputy Chief Hale.
Dec 01, 2009 2×13: Na Triobloidi

SAMCRO is out for blood and revenge starting with Weston. SAMCRO also goes after Ethan Zobelle but when the Mayans come to protect their business relationship things get complicated. Stahl and ATF try to use Edmond for info and as a way to take down the IRA. Gemma sees a familiar face. SAMCRO’s so far successful revenge takes an unexpected turn for the worst.

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