Episode Guide: Season 6

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Sept 10, 2013 6×01: Straw

While Tara is imprisoned, SAMCRO shifts members and titles, with Bobby leaving town. The club breaks up a violent porn ring run by Iranians at the docks in Stockton, striking up a partnership with ex-cop (Peter Weller), who enlists Jax to help a local madam (Kim Dickens) go legit. Pope’s people still want Jax to surrender Tig to them. At a Catholic school, a violent shooting occurs with a weapon linked to the club’s gunrunning business.
Sept 17, 2013 6×02: One One Six

The school shooting was committed by someone connected to Nero’s cousin, who had been given a number of KG-9’s. Jax contacts the Irish, wishing to get out of the gun business, but the Irish are resistant to the idea. Toric offers Clay help with the murder charge, in exchange for information about SAMCRO. When Clay refuses, Toric forges Clay’s signature on a plea agreement. Nero’s cousin, and the latter’s girlfriend – whose son shot up the school – are killed and buried. Elsewhere, Bobby has added another member to his list of recruits.
Sept 24, 2013 6×03: Poenitentia

Instead of killing Clay in jail, the black inmates instead tell Clay to commit a jail rec-yard stabbing. Jax and Barosky settle the score with the Iranians. Toric accidentally shoots a Diosa hooker he’d brought back to his motel room. Telling the corpse he’ll make her death matter, he takes hair and blood samples to plant inside Nero’s truck. Jax sends Tig back to the warehouse where they stored the equipment they stole from the Iranians. Tig waits there for the prospects Jax said he’d send to help move the equipment, but August, Pope’s successor, shows up instead. Tara reveals to Jax that she is pregnant. The title, translated, means “Repentance”.
Oct 1, 2013 6×04: Wolfsangel

Toric takes Clay to visit Otto; Clay slips Otto a shiv. Toric tells Otto he’ll stop having Otto raped and beaten if Otto provides information that can be used against SAMCRO, then he gives Otto a pad to write down SAMCRO’s sins. Otto writes an insulting remark about Toric’s sister and then kills Toric. The guards then kill Otto. Galen, angry that Jax wants out of guns, goes to Oswald’s lumber barn and shoots and dismembers SAMCRO member Phil and a SAMCRO prospect. Jax has the club exact revenge against the Nazis he believes attacked the former sheriff, by killing them, planting the guns delivered by the Irish on the Nazis’ rural property, and then burning down their house, making it look like an internal beef. Roosevelt orders Toric’s personnel file, suspecting Toric is up to no good. The sheriff lets Nero go home, but Nero’s truck remains impounded.
Oct 8, 2013 6×05: The Mad King

Tara secretly arranges with Lowen to have Wendy take custody of Thomas and Abel if Tara is convicted or otherwise indisposed, to keep them away from Gemma and the club’s business. While the MC fails to capture Galen, they capture a few Irish but do not kill them. The IRA elders in Ireland don’t like Jax’s retaliation, but Jax tries to convince them that Galen is out of control and trying to profiteer for himself. Jax tells the IRA elders that August will be a solid customer for the arms shipments, despite being black. The SAMCRO clubhouse is on lock-down until Jax spots a shamrock pen. Jax realizes there’s a bomb in the beer keg that was delivered earlier the same day. After everybody runs to safety, the SAMCRO clubhouse explodes.
Oct 15, 2013 6×06: Salvage

While on their way to a summit meeting with several West Coast SOA charters, the Charming charter is pulled over by dirty cops, but the bikers escape. At the summit, Jax announces the end of the gun business with the IRA and is met with agreement and approval. Bobby brings in new members to the Charming chapter. The state attorney still threatens to prosecute Tara unless she testifies against SOA. Roosevelt searches Toric’s motel room and leaves convinced of Nero’s innocence.
Oct 22, 2013 6×07: Sweet and Vaded

SAMCRO comes to the aid of Nero’s transgender friend. Tara is more determined to make a break from Gemma, though possibly not from Jax. Tara fakes an assault and gets a restraining order against Gemma.
Oct 29, 2013 6×08: Los Fantasmas

The DA leaks a story to the press of who the possible suppliers of the guns in the school shooting are, and the story ends up in the front page of the town’s paper. An unknown man runs down and kills a Byz-Lat in the middle of street, in the presence of Jax and the other SOA members. While the Byz-Lats attempt to kill the man, Jax intervenes upon discovering the man’s son was killed in the school shooting, and the story in the paper incited him kill the Byz-Lat. Police arrive at the man’s house only to witness him commit suicide because he feels he no longer has a purpose in life. Nero, still in jail, decides to give himself up as the source of the gun rather than blame the SOA. Patterson accepts his confession at first but later repents after seeing the effect the story she leaked had (the father’s committing suicide) and sets Nero free after it is forensically proven that Toric killed Erin Byrne. The title, translated, means “The Ghosts”.
Nov 5, 2013 6×09: John 8:32

Nero wakes up at Gemma’s house, and she brings him up to speed about her conflict with Tara. Jax confronts Tara about not being able to say, “I love you”, since returning from Stockton. Meanwhile, Patterson (the DA) gives Roosevelt three extra surveillance units to monitor Jax and the club. Furthermore, Patterson creates bumps in the road for the new Diosa operation and puts pressure on Barosky in Stockton due to his relationship with the Sons. Realizing the risk of going head to head with Patterson, the club agrees to compromise and make the DA an offer. Jax goes to her office and agrees to give up the IRA (Galan) within the next 10 days, in exchange for immunity for the club. Patterson agrees and tells Jax she’ll lay off the club for the next 10 days. Meanwhile, Clay goes to a prayer service in jail, where he argues with the pastor, gets into a fight with a guard, and bites off part of the guard’s face. This is part of the plan to break Clay out, as Clay is moved to a psych room, where a doctor allows him a phone call to the IRA. Back at Charming, Tara gets Lowen to file the paperwork moving financial and other matters into separate accounts. Also, Nero tries to convince Jax there is more to the situation between Gemma and Tara, but Jax gets upset and makes it clear that he does not want to mix business and family matters. Nevertheless, Nero goes to the hospital to convince Tara to resolve issues with Gemma, but Tara is enraged and tells him to worry about himself, as Gemma killed her previous husband. Also at the hospital, Gemma confronts Margaret Murphy, who accidentally confirms Gemma’s suspicion that Tara was never pregnant. Later in the day, Jax confronts Nero about visiting Tara, they get into a fight, and Gemma comes to break it up. She tells Jax what Margaret said and that Tara is filing for divorce. Jax, confused, traps Lowen in Unser’s RV and gets the truth out of her that Tara is planning on divorcing him and taking the kids away. Meanwhile, Nero confronts Gemma about what Tara said, and Gemma tells him the whole story, which she hadn’t told anyone before. The episode ends with Tara at home in a rocking chair singing to Thomas with a gun on her lap. Intertwined in this episode is also a story about a teenage girl who blames the Sons for the death of her mother, who is revealed to be the homeless woman Jax has been seeing around town for the last six years.
Nov 12, 2013 6×10: Huang Wu

Jax apologizes to Gemma and Nero for what happened with Tara after he discovered all the truth. After Clay locks down all of SAMCRO’s gun customers, only one customer is left waiting to close on the deal, the Italian Cacuzza family. Jax and the Irish meet with Jimmy Cacuzza to ensure they’re onboard with Clay’s being the new distributor. In an attempt to secure the Italians as customers the Irish attack the Chinese (Lin), leaving SAMCRO in a very compromising position. After the meet, SAMCRO is kidnapped by the Chinese, who demand the Sons to hand over the business and territory, or else. The Chinese keep Happy as insurance that Jax will honor their demand. Tara catches Jax in bed with Collette and leaves angrily. Irate at everything that’s gone on she decides to try to make a deal with DA Patterson but Patterson refuses, stating the deal is no longer on the table.
Nov 19, 2013 6×11: Aon Rud Persanta

Clay gets broken out during his prison transfer, and Bobby gets shot in the process. Jax exacts his revenge on the Irish and Clay for past wrongdoings. Patterson is unhappy with the way Jax upheld his end of the deal and makes it seem as if she’s going to throw that deal out. Tara contemplates making a deal of her own to stay out of jail, and get her and her sons out of Charming for good. The episode, title, means “A Personal Thing”.
Dec 3, 2013 6×12: You Are My Sunshine

As Jax reaches the verge of getting SAMCRO permanently out of the gun business, Tara makes a bold move in protecting her children. Juice’s guilt leads Nero to the truth about Darvany’s death. Mr. Wu’s revenge on the Irish comes with unexpected consequences. After finding out the Sons are handing over the gun business to August Marks, Alvarez reaches out to Nero.
Dec 10, 2013 6×13: A Mother’s Work

Jax’s search for Tara and his children leads him to make a difficult decision. Nero confronts Jax over Juice’s role in Darvany’s murder. Alvarez and Lin form a pact against the One Niners, which threatens to shut down SAMCRO’s business in Stockton.

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