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Guillermo Del Toro Invades Toronto; Pacific Rim Filming Already Underway

Guillermo Del Toro Invades Toronto; Pacific Rim Filming Already Underway

In the near future, a portal to another universe opens up five miles beneath the surface of the Pacific, leading to the emergence of myriad monstrosities that relentlessly assault such chaos-magnet metropolises as Los Angeles and Tokyo. To counter the threat, the military develops high-tech mechas to battle the creatures.

The movie looks set to be a homage to the Japanese kaiju genre of movies, most famously exemplified by the Godzilla series. In an interview with Wired, del Toro described the movie as a “very beautiful poem to giant monsters,” as well as prominently featuring “25-story-high robots beating the crap out of 25-story-high monsters.” He also stated that the film would deal with the political and geological ramifications of the sudden appearance of such creatures.

Filming on Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim has now been underway for over six weeks at Pinewood Toronto Studios, taking up five of the complex’s seven soundstages.

In an interview with io9, del Toro revealed that initial filming was for the Hong Kong-set complex where the mechas are maintained and will continue at the studio until April.

Pacific Rim will star Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, and del Toro stalwart Ron Pearlman, and is set to begin its rampage through cinema screens on May 10th 2013.


Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Blu-Ray Captures – Set #1

Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Blu-Ray Captures – Set #1

I’ve added over 800+ captures of Charlie from the first 4 episodes of season two of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ into the gallery. I’m going to do these differently than I did the first season, so instead of all at once I will be uploading them in three sets. You should expect the next batch of captures soon! 😉

Gallery Link:
Season 2 > Screen Captures

Blackbird Behind The Scenes Photos + Official Still

I’ve added 3 behind the scenes photos courtesy of the Official Blackbird Twitter page and 1 still from the film featuring Charlie alongside Blackbird co-star Olivia Wilde.

According to the Blackbird IMDB page the film is slated for a November release.

Gallery Link:
Blackbird (2012) > Production Stills
Blackbird (2012) > Behind The Scenes

AN: I hope you all like the new look of the site and gallery. I would love to hear what you think!

411 Mania: Top 8 TV Shows of 2011

#1: Sons of Anarchy
Your first hint on this should have been the fact that I did a Top 8 Sons of Anarchy episodes list last week. Like Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy has always been able to up the stakes season after season. However, where there were a coup[le slight dips of quality in some of the middle seasons of Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy has managed to improve itself every single season. This season the cards were laid out with Clay finally being set up as the villain, and even though we knew he had to die, he survived. Not only that, he survived in a way that made sense and didn’t stretch credibility. The only potential flaw you can find in this show, which has been much talked about and in my eye amplified simply BECAUSE critics need something to pick at, is the storyline with Juice’s racial secret, something which seemed a wee bit frivolous from the get-go but played out just fine overall. The performances are the best the show has ever seen; standouts are Katie Segal, Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff and especially Ryan Hurst. This is, flat-out, the greatest show on television and even if you don’t dig it, you have to respect it.


Sons of Anarchy Prize Giveaway for The Boot Campaign – Enter to win!

Sons of Anarchy Prize Giveaway for The Boot Campaign – Enter to win!

Sons of Anarchy is helping out a huge charity event called “The BootCampaign”. The Boot Campaign is all about showing support and appreciation for the American troops, both past and present. The Campaign also raises awareness of the challenges that the troops not only face during training and at war, but it helps people become more aware of the challenges that these heroes have after protecting their country; such as emotional, mental, and physical issues.

TV Fanatic is teaming up with FX and The Boot Campaign to help everyone become aware of this issue. We are asking you to sign up for The Boot Campaign’s Mailing List and complete a simple form. It does not cost anything to sign up, and additionally, along with supporting this great cause, your signup will enter you into a Sons of Anarchy contest, where the winner will receive:

  • Boot Campaign boots signed by the Sons of Anarchy cast members Kim Coates, “Tig” and Theo Rossi, “Juice”
  • A Coot Campaign dog tag necklace
  • A Sons of Anarchy Season 3 DVD
  • An 8×10 printed picture of the SOA and Boot Campaign photo

To sign up, click on this link:

Again, along with entering to win the prizes listed above, it takes less then 2 minutes to sign up for the Boot Campaign, and it is free of all charges.

TV Fanatic, Sons of Anarchy, and The Boot Campaign thanks you for your support.

Sons of Anarchy 4.14 ‘To Be, Act 2’ HD Captures

I’ve added 363 HD captures from this week’s conclusion to the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ two part season finale into the gallery. All I can say is kudos to the entire crew, cast, and writers…well fucking done.

Gallery Link:
Season 4 > Screen Captures > 4×14 – To Be, Act II

‘Son’-Set Flip: ‘Anarchy’ Creator Explains Explosive Finale

** I highly suggest you do not read this if you have yet to see the season 4 finale

Last night’s remarkable “Sons of Anarchy” season finale was packed with revelations.

From Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) taking the SAMCRO throne from evil step-dad Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), to the Galindo Cartel leaders, including Romeo Parada (Danny Trejo), outing themselves as CIA agents, the episode seemed to change everything.

The Post spoke with SOA creator Kurt Sutter about the explosive season finale and where SAMCRO goes from here.

Q: The season ends with Jax and Tara (Maggie Siff) becoming the new Clay and Gemma (Katey Sagal, Sutter’s real-life wife). Did you know at the beginning of this season that Jax would finally ascend?

A: I did. That was originally gonna happen in the first season, but then I realized there was a lot of fertile ground in Jax’s ascension, and his figuring out what kind of man he would become. But as we get closer to winding up the series, I wanted at least a couple of seasons with Jax in that chair. For me, Seasons 5 and 6 will be about, can Jax take over for Clay and not become Clay. In this position of power, do you have to become as brutal as Clay to survive? Continue reading

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