Charlie Spotted Filming Sons of Anarchy in Los Angeles from July 17th

I’ve added 7 photos of Charlie seen on location filming another scene for the upcoming fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, which was recently announced at this year’s 2012 San Diego Comic-Con that it will make its official premiere on FX Networks on September 11th.

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Season 5 > 07/17/2012 – Filming Sons of Anarchy in Los Angeles, California

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Charlie Talks Love and Psychic Bonds in ‘Pacific Rim’ with Screen Rant

Charlie Talks Love and Psychic Bonds in ‘Pacific Rim’ with Screen Rant

Speaking with Screen Rant at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, actor Charlie Hunnam (Sons Of Anarchy) talked about Pacific Rim, the upcoming science fiction epic directed by Guillermo del Toro. In the film, Hunnam’s character, Raleigh Antrobus, and Rinko Kikuchi’s character, Mako Mori, “use a “neural bridge” to link their minds in order to co-pilot an old model robot that could turn out to be humanity’s greatest hope.” Hunnam describes the basic story of the film as a classic love story, but with a sci-fi twist.

“Well, there’s this whole imminent apocalypse that really distracts from a lot of the psychological stuff going on between them, but it’s really more of a process of both of us opening up our hearts again enough to be able to trust somebody; it’s a love story without a love story. It’s about all of the necessary elements of love without arriving at love itself: I need to trust [Mako] and respect her and open up my mind to her.

“It’s so fascinating, the whole caveat of how we operate this machine – which is through a neurological bridge – we’re neurologically connected. So everything in my head is available to [Mako] – and vice versa. If you imagine that – I mean, we’re all very careful about how we present ourselves and what we say, and how much of ourselves we let out. And to just allow someone into your brain, to give them complete access to every thought, and memory, and f*#cked up thing you ever did – and every great thing you ever did – its really a big proposition. And for two very damaged people who have decided they’re going to keep it all inside because they’re terrible human beings who have made so many mistakes – to go through a process of opening up enough to allow someone access to your head – it’s really the heart of this film.”

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Charlie Talks Sons of Anarchy with TV Fanatic at Comic-Con

G4TV ‘Pacific Rim’ & ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Interview Captures

I’ve added over 70+ captures of Charlie from both of his interviews with G4TV from this past weekend while attending the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

Gallery Links:
Video Captures > July 2012 – G4TV Pacific Rim Comic-Con Interview
Video Captures > July 2012 – G4TV Sons of Anarchy Comic-Con Interview

The Cast of Sons of Anarchy Comic-Con 2012 Interview with G4TV

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