Charlie says Jax has a ‘huge psychological shift’ on Sons of Anarchy

“This is a really pivotal season,” Hunnam told co-host Rachel Smith at the season 4 premiere red carpet event on August 30. “It’s right in the center of the story that Kurt’s been telling and he had a very clear outline of the story that he wanted to tell over the seven seasons.”

“So I think the first three seasons are kind of the first act and as with all great stories the second act is when, you know, things really hit the fan,” he added.

The show follows the lives of members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club in the fictional city of Charming, California. In the premiere several of the club members are released from prison after a 14-month stint. Jax is the vice president of the motorcycle club and his mother, Gemma (Katey Segal) is the matriarch who was married to the clubs’ founder John Teller. The character died prior to the first season of the series and Gemma later married the club’s president Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman).

“There’s going to be some pretty giant, dynamic, altering shifts in the show this year,” Hunnam said.”Jax has come out with a huge psychological shift in regards of how he feels about the club and he’s decided that he definitely wants to leave.”

He added, “So this whole season is a process of Jax figuring out how to extricate himself from the club, without the club completely collapsing.”

Meanwhile, Hunnam’s co-star Perlman talked about the vision series creator Kurt Sutter has for the series. “Kurt has always had the idea in mind to kind of mirror the structure of ‘Hamlet’ and the way it moves,” Perlman told smith. “There are original sins in ‘Hamlet’ that not everybody knows about but finds out as time goes on and when those things get out into the ether they have to be dealt with and the resolve is not an easy one and that’s what’s happening on our show.”

“It will wind up and people will pay for their sins, or you know, they will at least be addressed,” he added. “There’s an awful lot of original sin that’s baggage that we bring on to the air with us when we first appeared three and a half years ago.”