Charlie Hunnam Fan Celebrating 1 Year Online!

This date last year I had just opened the site, with no idea what I was getting myself into, only that I adored Charlie and wanted to show my support for him by creating a site for his fans. Since then, I have to say that I’ve been welcomed with open arms and treated with nothing but kindness from all Charlie fans, everywhere. You guys are a tight-knit bunch, and just as dedicated as any one group of fans I’ve run across, and I’m so very glad to be included. I love having a site on someone I respect, admire, believe in and enjoy watching. I love making new friends out of each of you who visit, who take the time to leave comments here on the site, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. I love the interaction, and enjoy each one. I hope to continue supporting Charlie and keeping a well-kept site that is up-to-date for all of us fans for many years to come, and with your continued support, I expect that to be possible.

I realize I’ve let myself drag on a bit longer than I expected to, but sometimes that’s just what happens when you speak from the heart. In addition to everything I said above, I could not end the post without giving a couple of people a proper thank you, so here goes.

First of all, I have to thank you the fans and visitors. Without each of you, running this site would not be the same. You are essentially the sites’ foundation. Without you, the site would crumble. Your support for Charlie and this site is what has made this such a joy to run, and I look forward to getting to know more of you like I have so many already. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Angela, you have been and will always be my sidekick, my partner in crime and my first enabler. And I know it isn’t easy dealing with my ever-changing obsessions and shameless fangirling over anyone particular thing or person, but you have supported me regardless of whatever I have decided to do, including making this site, and for that I thank you. You know me so well, sometimes a little too well. You know my ability to procrastinate like it’s an olympic sport, so without your input, who’s to say if this site would exist this day. Love ya sis!

Qua, you are one of a kind, babe. I sometimes wonder if we’re cut from the same cloth because you always understand my inane rambling and put up with it. You have enabled me over the years, and probably made me that much more of a diehard fangirl. Your enthusiasm is unmatched and your ability to support me, much like Angela, regardless of what it is I’m babbling on about that day is unwavering. You are such a great friend, and your love for Sons of Anarchy is in some part responsible for my equaled love for this show and its talented cast and crew. Love you!

Tina Lou, you have been one of the great things that I have gained from creating this site. You have been nothing but kindness and class since the first day I emailed you, and welcomed me into your little Sons of Anarchy world with a warm embrace. You are a force to be reckoned with, and someone I value to call a friend. You are such a dedicated fan of the show and the extremely talented actors who tell their stories. I don’t know if anyone truly realizes all that you do for the fans, and if they do, then they, like me, appreciate it so much. You work your ass off and help keep the Sons of Anarchy fandom in line, and you aren’t afraid of whooping a loud mouth in the face with a skateboard from time to time if deemed necessary. You rock lady!

And last but not least, Charlie, for without you this site would cease to exist. You really are such a pleasure to watch, and that isn’t just because you’re a hunk whose ass is flaunted all over my favorite television show. No, you are much more than that. You have this way about you, this presence on screen. You make it impossible not to feel something for your character, to empathize with their pain or distress, to feel their anger, to reason with them and the tough decisions they struggle with. I have nothing but respect for what you do, bringing a character to life and telling their story. I admire you for staying true to yourself in the shallow pool that is Hollywood, for remaining so sincere and kind to your fans. It is refreshing to see someone in your position, someone you adore, never take their fans for granted. You sir, are a class act, never change.

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  1. Thank YOU for having such an awesome Charlie website!! I’m on here every day for his latest news, your site is the best one. Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  2. Congratulations. You guys are awesome and what can I say Charlie is such an awesome person and has the best fans supporting. Here is to many more years to come 🙂

  3. CONGRATULATIONS MY LOVE! This is the BEST site online for Charlie and your dedication shows in spades. I am so happy that you started this kick ass site and got into Sons Of Anarchy (didn’t you finish the first 3 seasons in less than a week… impressive!) so we can have yet another thing in common.

    Cheers to one of the best fucking web ladies on the interwebs and one of my very best friends. To many more years here at Charlie Hunnam Fan!

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