Sons of Anarchy: 5×04 ‘Stolen Huffy’ Episodic Stills

I’ve added 4 high quality stills from Tuesday’s all-new episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Gallery Link:
Season 5 > Episodic Stills

3 Comments on “Sons of Anarchy: 5×04 ‘Stolen Huffy’ Episodic Stills”

  1. Charlie is an exceptional actor. Absolutly love him. BUT… I hope he’s going to PULL HIS PANTS up and get some real bikers boots this season. Just sayin. He makes the show. Without him SOA wouldn’t have that special spark that makes it stand out so much farther from everything else on television. I would really love to see him in something scifi at the theaters. Can’t wait to see Deadfall!! Pacific Rim looks interesting too but can’t find out anything on it. And I really hope SOA is going to be on for many more seasons! It’s the only really good show on TV.

  2. Keep up the good work tv wouldnt be worth watching without SOA….. So when is Clay gonna pay his dues???

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