Meet Charlie & Tommy at Goulet Motosports in Ontario!

You can check our their website GOULETHD.COM and their Facebook page @GOULETMOTOSPORTS

Translated into English:

motosports Meet characters from the television series “Sons of Anarchy” at Goulet Motosports and Sophie’s Boutique! Come meet some characters of the famous TV show “Sons of Anarchy” at Goulet Motosports and Sophie’s Boutique!

Dinner under the tent, meeting with the actor, signature, photograph and “band” Dine under the tent, meet the actor, get a signature and a picture and listen to the great band

June 22nd from 18h-23h / June 22nd from 6-11 & September 14th 17h-22h / September 14th from 5-10

Tommy:$ 125 | Charlie:$ 250

COMBO*: $ 325
* Combo Dream / Dream Combo: Chibs AND JAX

(for 2 nights: Tommy and Charlie June 22nd September 14th)
(for the two nights: on June 22nd Tommy and Charlie on September 14th)

“Chibs”-Tommy Flanagan
“Jax” – Charlie

For reservations / For reservations:

613.632.3462 (ext.0)

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