Charlie’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Co-Stars React to ’50 Shades’ Casting

You can check out what the rest of Charlie’s co-stars had to say about his upcoming role as Christian Grey over at Hollywood Reporter!

Creator Kurt Sutter called the actor “fifty shades of fantastic” while introducing his cast at the show’s premiere party on Saturday, receiving big laughs and applause from the audience inside Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre.

While few of Hunnam’s co-stars would cop to having read EL James’ racy novel, all were thrilled to see the star make the leap into big-screen leading-man status.

“I went through a lot of the process with him,” Theo Rossi told The Hollywood Reporter. “I was there every day with him making him answer the texts and the e-mails, going through the process and the chemistry stuff.”

Rossi said that although Hunnam was initially hesitant to sign on for another franchise, the project will allow audiences to see a whole new side of the actor.

“I think he’s been teed up for this his entire career, and I think that he’s going to shock everybody,” Rossi said. “I don’t care if it’s Fifty Shades of Grey or 50 holes on a golf course, he’s gonna be great on it. He’s one of the hardest workers, he’s smart, he’s damn sexy, the guy’s got it going on. He’s an actor’s actor. He’s not one of those half-assed pretty boys; he can act.”

Peter Weller was also among those inside Hunnam’s circle who encouraged the actor to take the role, even after he expressed concern that the script was “pulpy.”

“I said ‘Listen, you go do this. I’m gonna water bomb your house with balloons if you don’t,’ ” he recalled.

Source: Hollywood Reporter