New ‘Crimson Peak’ Production Still

Check out a new still of Charlie as Dr. Alan McMichael from Crimson Peak which hits theaters as of October 16th!

Click the photo to view in full resolution in the gallery now.

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  1. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I love this pic of him. I’ll go see the movie later on today. I’ll be wearing my Bad girl rides with Jax blouse!!!!.

  2. I saw CP tonite, and thought it was a good movie. Charlie, handsome as usual, still wasn’t SOA!!! He is just sexy….

  3. I finally saw this movie today. I really expected Charlie to hage a larger role, but it was a great movie just the same. Great detail on the scenes and set. Wonderful period clothing . A must see for Charlie Hunnam fans. However.. If you are into SOA.. As we all are.. This deviated from the biker scene. Wonderful transition. Bravo!

    1. Yea I expected a larger role play but I also thought he would do some fighting, but it was still a good movie. Every movie can’t be like SOA lol

      1. Yes Kay, I expected some sword and dagger scenes too! I really figured he would be the main “love ” ???? interest in the movie. It was good anyway, I am looking forward to his upcoming 2015 ,2016 ,2017 movies. ?

        1. I am looking forward to future movies to and plan on seeing them all, especially Drug Lord. I liked CP but Charlie is best as a biker or bad guy.

  4. Me too… I will see every one.. Lol. He has one coming out in 2017 where he and a soon to be married woman are stranded and injured on a mountain after a plane crash.. Different avenue for him….

    1. I think there’s s little different avenue in each up coming film. I saw The Ledge and that was good. Excited to see the different roles he’ll be playing.

        1. NO NO NO, there will never be another Jax Teller!!!!!! He is the one and only, he cannot be duplicated! But the movies that he’s playing in, in the coming years are gonna be good and interesting to wAtch him in different roles, but Jax is embedded in our heads and cannot be replaced.

      1. Jax is the one and only. He plays that role well., biker and tough guy. I have not seen The Ledge /Frankie Go Boom/ none of the others.

          1. I bought the boxed set from Amazon last February…. Still love it. He is amazing. The English dialect sometimes throws me a curve ball… Don’t expect

          2. Yea that English accent kinda ruins The Bastard Exacution for me, I can’t understand half of what’s being said. I have Netflix so I’ve watched SOA 2x, and still see things I missed. It’s been mentioned there’s a guy on The Vikings that look likes Charlue, are you familiar with that show? It’s suppose to be on the History channel and sounds pretty interesting! Will keep my eyes open for that one

          3. No, I have not seen it!!! Thanks for letting me know about it! / I love to get on Pinterest and check out the latest pics of Charlie..

          4. He doesn’t have a board, people post pins of he and SOA and other movies and magazines he has been in. He is on several group boards. Etc… I have a Charlie Hunnam board/ SOA board.. And belong to a group community!… Follow me /I will add you /…search me under “Just Jackie “…you will see hearts and ribbons by my profile. Also.. I am in the mother of the bride Navy dress.. Lol.. Profile pic. My “baby”(age 26)…was married in August!!! My one and only child….. Send me a private Pinterest message.. So I know what name you use there! Thanks!!

          5. I’m not a big Pinterest person I just look for recipes, I did try to search you with no luck. Um, my username is Ashess 15 that’s my cat and get age lol,so yea she’s my profile pic, but I did see Some Charlie Hunnam, don’t remember how I found him but I did lol

          6. I will try to find you!!!! I use my beloved deceased dog’s name… Goldie… for most of my media names. Ha

          7. I have my recipe board.. Seasons.. Decor. Daughter and her new husband pic… On “my world ” board

          8. I’ll keep looking lol, I saw on Charlie’s posting that Abel was a twin, I did not know that. I learned something!!! Lol I work full time and care for my mom and have a problem child so I don’t here about a lot stuff.

          9. My mom is 91,I work full-time too.. And check on her at least three times a day. Still going to look for you on Pinterest… Tomorrow. Just going to bed! Will catch up soon! Take care Kay!

          10. Yes.. I saw on Pinterest the little blonde boys were played by twins. Abel. I think Thomas was too.

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