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5 Things to Expect from the Fifth Season of Sons of Anarchy

Check out what Charlie had to say about the upcoming fifth season of Sons of Anarchy when The Hollywood Reporter interviewed him at the season five premiere screening this past weekend.

“I think that it’s a really fresh season,” Hunnam told The Hollywood Reporter. “It feels unlike any other season before just by virtue of the fact that Jax is president now. Immediately, the club went from the dictatorship that it has developed into back to the democracy that it always needed to be.”

2. Jax Is at the Head of the Table
One of the biggest changes in season five is that Clay, now feeble and recovering, will not be at the head of the SAMCRO table. Instead, Jax will take over.

“I think he’s an excellent leader,” Hunnam told THR. “He really has had to watch Clay make so many mistakes over the years, and he’s really learned from those mistakes.”

However, leading a club that is threatened by the terrifying Damon Pope (Harold Perrineau) and is struggling to complete its drug runs is definitely taxing on the new leader.

“I think one of the things he hadn’t anticipated was just how difficult it is to not make those mistakes,” Hunnam said. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and I think Jax is starting to appreciate that now.”

As for Jax and Tara’s relationship, this is what Maggie had to say on the subject:

As for her relationship with Jax, Siff called it the “ultimate bad-boy love story.” That story will continue to be written this season as Jax deals with running the club.

“I think they’re kind of fated, they’re meant to be together,” Siff told THR. “I think that they both feel that in some way that doesn’t always make a lot of sense but kind of demands that she keep showing up.”

You can read the article in full over at The Hollywood Reporter as the rest of the cast, including series creator Kurt Sutter discuss the explosive new season!

3,2,1…Frankie Go Boom Now Available on iTunes & Video OnDemand!!

Frankie Go Boom is now officially available on iTunes, Amazon, and Video OnDemand! Click the bolded blinks to rent the movie now!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the official trailer for the film and follow their social profiles on both Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned in!

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Charlie Set To Appear 2 Nights at the 2012 Lone Star Rally

Check out what the Official Lone Star Rally Facebook page had to say!

***Breaking News*** Charlie Hunnam “Jax”
To Also Now Appear Friday night Nov 2 @ 2012 Lone Star Rally
Charlie said “I have been looking forward to this event for so long
I decided one day just wasn’t enough so I am coming in one day early! I will now be at the 2012 Lone Star Rally not only on Saturday November 3 but also on Friday night November 2 hanging out with everyone. “

Charlie & Maggie on Life as the ‘King and Queen’ of SAMCRO

TVGuide: An Impromptu Wedding, Revenge and a Life-Altering Statement of Allegiance.

That “impromptu wedding” wedding could prove my Jax/Tara episode two theory right, but who can really know for sure with Sons? Am I right? I have to say though I’m both excited and intrigued by the Opie tidbit. What do you guys think?

I’m so excited for Sons of Anarchy to come back. Please give me some spoilers! — Chris
ADAM: Gangster Damon Pope (guest star Harold Perrineau) will quickly exact revenge on Tig, who killed Pope’s daughter, in a scene that will be burned in your memory. Is there any good news? Yes! An early episode features an impromptu wedding and Opie will re-dedicate his loyalty to Jax with a life-altering statement of allegiance.


Ask Ausiello: Sons of Anarchy S5 Premiere…Holy Crap. + Episode 2 Jax and Tara ‘Bliss’?

Who’s ready for September 11th?!

Question: I saw on Facebook that you watched the first two episodes of Sons of Anarchy‘s new season. And… ? —Kevin
Ausiello: And… holy crap. Something ghastly happens in the Sept. 11 opener that raises the stakes in the war between Damon Pope (a frightening Harold Perrineau) and SAMCRO tenfold. On the bright side, the incident in question could land an underrated member of the show’s ensemble if not an Emmy nomination in 2013 than certainly a place in the kudos conversation.

Question: Any Sons of Anarchy scoop on Jax and Tara? —Megan
Ausiello: As much as parts of the premiere made me turn away in utter despair, there’s a sequence in Episode 2 featuring Jax and Tara that had me looking on in pure bliss. I laughed, I cried, I scratched my head in disbelief that Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff have never been nominated for an Emmy for these roles.


The Boot Campaign Celebrate Sons of Anarchy’s Season 4 on Blu-ray & DVD

A big THANK YOU to The Boot Campaign for the additional photos and information from the event.

On Aug. 26, FX’s Sons of Anarchy cast led the morning motorcycle charity ride with 450 riders/300 passengers following behind as they traveled from Route 66 Classic Grill in Santa Clarita to Happy Endings bar in Hollywood.

· Proceeds from the ride and rally tickets purchased as well as on-site merchandise benefits The Boot Campaign, which looks to raise funds for military personnel returning home from combat.

· All ride and rally tickets were completely sold out by the Thursday prior to the event as the venue was already sold to complete capacity (1,400 rally attendees) – a huge leap from last year’s inaugural event
· The event celebrated Sons of Anarchy Season 4 on Blu-ray & DVD with a giant DVD promotional stand prominently placed on the red carpet and press line and the riders/passengers received the Blu-ray in their VIP rider packs.

· After the ride and the VIP meet and greet, the cast of Sons of Anarchy walked the red carpet chatting with press and posing for photos for promotions and fans alike. Those in attendance included, Ron Perlman, Theo Rossi, Charlie Hunnam, Kim Coates, Kurt Yeager, William Lucking, Ryan Hurst, Winter Avezoli, Chris Reed, Dayton Callie, Mark Boone Junior, Tommy Flanagan, Maggie Siff, Chris Browning, Emilio Rivera, Michael Ornstein, and more.

Gallery Link:
2012 > 08/26/12 – 2nd Annual Boot Ride and Rally

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