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Sons of Anarchy: 6×02 – 6×06 Episodic Stills

I’ve added over 50 high quality stills from Sons of Anarchy episodes 6×02 ‘One One Six’, 6×03 ‘Poenitentia’, 6×04 ‘Wolfsangel’, 6×05 ‘Mad King’, and 6×06 ‘Salvage’ into the gallery.

Gallery Link:
– Season 6 > Episodic Stills

Sons of Anarchy: 6×01 ‘Straw’ Additional Episodic Stills

Check out 2 additional stills from the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy!

Gallery Link:
Season 6 > Episodic Stills

TVLine: Jax and Tara Scoop!

Question: What’s up with Sons of Anarchy? —Robert
Jax won’t be making any conjugal visits to his jailhouse bride when Sons of Anarchy kicks off its sixth season on Sept. 10. In fact, he won’t be visiting Tara, period (although it won’t be for lack of trying on his part). When the unhappy couple do eventually come face-to-face, expect “a deep sense of sadness on both their parts,” shares series creator Kurt Sutter, who describes the reunion as “loving but very sad.” As the SOA boss notes, “They’ve been through so much already, and how many more times can you say, ‘I’m sorry?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’s going to get better?’ How many more times can you say, ‘It’ll change?’ It’s almost like there’s a certain amount of resignation that they both are aware of.”

Sons of Anarchy: ‘Hurt’ Season 6 Promo (Video)

Sons of Anarchy: 6×01 ‘Straw’ Episodic Stills

I’ve added 2 high quality stills from the season six premiere episode of Sons of Anarchy.

Gallery Link:
Season 6 > Episodic Stills

Sons of Anarchy: Official Season 6 Promotional Photos

I’ve added 3 promotional photos of Charlie for the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy.

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Season 6 > Promotional

Kurt Sutter Talks Season 6, Jax, and Happy Endings

Check out ZAP2IT.COM for the rest of Kurt’s interview about Season 6!

ks Zap2it: In his rise to power within the club, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) has become a great example of how corrupting absolute power can be in a person. Going into Season 6, where is his story heading?

Kurt Sutter: I think it’s somewhat on that trajectory. There’s a scene in episode 2 with Tara, where Jax talks about how the death of Opie is what’s driving him and ultimately it’s hard for him to step away now, because if he does, he sees that Opie’s death was in vain.

Opie set himself up, knowing where it was all going to a certain extent. And him sacrificing himself for the club, for Jax to walk away would be dishonoring his memory. That’s what I’m talking about when I say the ghost of Opie is living in Jax, in at least the first half of the season, and is sort of motivating him to … not necessarily go rogue, but perhaps pushing him down this path where he may be leaping before he looks.

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