Charlie Talks with about ‘Frankie Go Boom’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and more!

Charlie Talks with about ‘Frankie Go Boom’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and more!

You can check out this fantastic interview in full over at What was the most bizarre scene to film in FGB?

Hunnam: I think having to wrestle that pig, it was a harrowing experience. They are very aggressive, strong, loud creatures. I mean you can’t even believe the noise and ferociousness of this little beast. He was so placid before I picked him up, and the second I did he pissed all over me. Screaming and crying and wriggling and tried to bite me! I was like wow; could we not get a prosthetic pig? But then he got used to me and was a little better to work with. The fifth season of Sons of Anarchy just started up, what can we look forward to this season?

Hunnam: It has felt to me like a fresh, really new dynamic within the club. Now that I’m President, it went from overnight, the old school dictatorship – to the new, cool democracy. The young and up-and-coming guys in the club like me and Chibs and Tig and those guys are really starting to run the show a little bit more. Of course Clay (Ron Pearlman) still has a dangerous presence hanging over the guys, and you never know what to expect from that guy but it really feels..and Pearlman actually just walked into this room – it’s always going to be a little bit contentious between them. Sons’ creator Kurt Sutter is known to be very transparent in his opinion of the media, the industry and entertainment as a whole. What is it like working with him and how does it affects his role on the show compared to working on other projects?

Hunnam: Of course I have a great relationship with Kurt and interact with him often. But in terms of the day-to-day making of the show, he’s not that involved with my part of it. He writes every episode, and he edits every episode; but he only directs the finale. When’s he not directing he doesn’t come to set.

He’s a very opinionated guy; we have a different strategy in that regard. I only want to be known for my work. I’m an actor and I’m a writer and that’s all I want. I have no interest in being a celebrity or a personality – or even to share my opinions publically. I want to share my opinion as a character in a film, not my opinion as an actor in the world. But that’s fine if he wants to go out and kind of make his narration on how he sees things. That’s his prerogative; I just have a different approach personally. That’s because I’m not so sure about my opinions. For an actor, anonymity is the absolute best friend, because then you can reside solely in the world of the characters you play.

After a while, in the period when Tom Cruise was out talking about his stuff, you get the sense – that when you’re walking into a Tom Cruise movie, you do that with baggage. I like the Daniel Day Lewis route, where you go in and you show up every three years, and you never hear anything otherwise. Though, there’s absolutely part of an actor’s life where he’s required to go out and publicize his movie. But still that’s not me talking about myself, that’s me talking about my movie.