Charlie Teases Sons of Anarchy Bloodshed: “We’re Going to Lose a Couple of Cast Members”

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“More violence and a lot more blood and some earth-shattering events.”

“We’re coming up to the end of the show. Kurt always had a clear idea of the story he wanted to tell. He had paced himself and allowed himself seven seasons to tell that story,” Hunnam told us. “We’re in the sixth season now and in the third act of this epic story he’s been telling; traditionally in the third act of a story, particularly a violent story, is when people start to die and when things really start to happen.”

And yes, fans can expect to see at least a few major deaths go down by season’s end, with Hunnam teasing, “I think unfortunately we’re going to lose a couple of cast members this year, but obviously we can’t say who!” Coates playfully added, “Lips are sealed, lips are sealed!”

Things aren’t looking good for Smits’ character Nero on the show as he’s currently in jail and we’re not feeling any better about his situation after hearing the actor’s preview for the rest of the season: “It’s just going to keep on getting grittier and Kurt’s world, it’s about family and clutching to what family’s about on so many levels,” he explained, “but it’s also about comeuppance in a lot of ways and a lot of peeps are getting their comeuppance. It’s extreme.”