Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund discuss ‘Triple Frontier’ with Cine Series

AN: This interview has been translated via Google Translate. My apologies on any inconsistencies. — It was in Madrid on March 6th that we had the chance to meet almost the whole crew of the film “Triple Frontier” by JC Chandor, which will be released on Netflix on March 13th, 2019. It was in pairs that we were able to see the actors in order to ask them questions about the acting profession, their respective roles in the film … Let’s continue today with Charlie Hunnam and his friend Garrett Hedlund.

We continue our interviews with the team of the film Netflix Triple Frontier , directed by  JC Chandor . After our interview ( which you can find here ) with  Ben Affleck ,  Oscar Isaac , here is the turn of the duo  Charlie Hunnam / Garrett Hedlund ,  friends in the city and to say that in the film, where they interpret two brothers , it feels .

Charlie Hunnam ultra laid back and very smiling comes first, straight out of an episode of Sons of Anarchy ! Blonde goatee, hair back, ultra fit, the one who was King Arthur for Guy Ritchie begins to respond with great generosity to our questions (30 min instead of 15!), All with a British accent! A few minutes later Garrett Hedlund starts, apparently tired of the jetlag. Charlie Hunnam gives him a “Hey Buddy”, it’s clear these two get along very well.

Charlie, are you known for being very picky in choosing your roles? Why this one?

Charlie Hunnam: I think that in an acting career, it’s essential to be picky yes. I have been exposed to the military in the past thanks to the success of Sons of Anarchy. We have often been invited to military bases. These guys have a serious purpose in life. 2 topics really touched me in the film, the loss of the community and deep integration in a group. Live and die for others, your role in the group. Then there is the return to society, isolation … That’s one of the things I wanted to see in JC Chandor’s film. This is not exclusive to the military of course, but the fact that these guys spend the early part of their adult lives cultivating specific non-applicable gifts for something else is fascinating.

What do you think of the controversies around Netflix and what Spielberg said about Netflix and the Oscars?

Garrett Hedlund : First of all I would like to say that Roma is an incredible movie! In my opinion, Netflix and the other platforms give people who do not have a cinema close to home the chance to see the movies. They also give the chance to people who can not afford the movies. To make the road, to pay for one’s place, to buy food and drink for the meeting, all this is very expensive. On the other hand, I already made a movie Netflix, Mudbound and when he came out on the platform, friends from around the world called me the day or the week of the release, it’s unique. Everyone could see it, wherever they are and comfortably seated in their sofas!

Charlie Hunnam: It’s an inevitable evolution. The reality is that cinema in theaters has declined in the last ten years. It’s extremely expensive to do, and there are fewer opportunities to make movies. Spielberg must recognize that he is one of the only ones still able to make the films he wants the old way. There is no difference between the aspiration and the quality of the work of a film for the cinema and a film like Roma. 

Could you describe your characters and your relationship in life and on screen?

Charlie Hunnam: Garrett and I have known each other for 15 years. All these years traveling the world, going out, and visiting. We have been asked many times if we were brothers, there has always been hope that we will work together. And this opportunity to play brothers is great, plus in a movie about the community. Last year I had an incredible year, I did 4 movies, but the thing is that I was away from home, my girlfriend, my family, 50 weeks of the year! So it’s great to work with his buddy like that, it’s like taking a little home from work, especially when you have 4 months of filming! On screen, I do not really know how we’re doing. Like Garrett I have 3 biological brothers, and I also have 4 non-biological brothers, and one of them is Garrett. One of our missions during filming was to cultivate this relationship. And I hope we have succeeded.

Garrett Hedlund: The fact that we know each other so well helped a lot, we know how the other works hard to achieve what he wants. In addition, we met several times before, we discussed roles, how to deepen this relationship and how to approach our characters …

What does it bring you to be an actor, does it go further than a simple job?

Charlie Hunnam: I have always needed to find a deep meaning in my life. I fell in love with children’s cinema, and suddenly getting to film seemed like a wise choice and it was an interesting way to spend my time. 20 years in the business only supported that. We need a deep purpose, responsibilities, it’s important for mental health and happiness.

Are your characters from the movie close to your respective personalities?

Charlie Hunnam: Part of our job is to combine the need to bring a character back to life while injecting our own essence into it. There are two schools, two approaches to acting: to completely transform oneself, to totally forget oneself in a character (which does not reflect who you are), or to explore and put yourself into the character you play. At the beginning of my career I spent a lot of time trying to reproduce my paternal ideal. It was very personal. And I think that I have come to the end of “this trip”, however I feel obliged to choose films that explore topics that affect me personally and that are important to me.

Garrett Hedlund: First you read the script and evaluate how much the character you are supposed to interpret is far from what you are. So you find time to research and see how you can transform. For that one, I tried to personalize it. This fraternity, the support of each other, is basically what Charlie and I feel, and I also tried to bring my humorous touch!