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Charlie talks choosing between acting and a life of crime with SCREENSLAM

NEW Deadfall Featurette!

Remember you can watch Deadfall on iTunes, Amazon and on your local cable provider’s Video OnDemand channel before it’s in theaters December 7th!

NEW Exclusive Image of Charlie and Olivia Wilde from Deadfall!

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@DEADFALL is out today!!

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Deadfall Now Available on iTunes & Video OnDemand!!

Deadfall is now officially available on iTunes, Amazon and Video OnDemand! Click the bolded blinks to rent the movie now!

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the official trailer for the film and follow their social profiles on both Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned in!

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NEW Exclusive Image of Charlie on the set of Deadfall!

Charlie listens closely to Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky on the set of Deadfall.

On demand 11/1 & in theaters 12/7 from Magnolia Pictures

Another NEW Exclusive Image from Deadfall!

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Official Deadfall Trailer (YouTube Link)

For those of you who couldn’t watch the previous Deadfall trailer which was posted on Hulu, then here’s your chance! And after your done check out all 46 HD captures of Charlie from the trailer in the gallery.

Deadfall will be released OnDemand November 1st and in theaters on December 7th!

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