Sons of Anarchy: 5×03 ‘Laying Pipe’ Captures Added

I’ve added 442 HD captures from this week’s newest episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ into the gallery.

All I have to say is what a powerful episode that was. Without fail it makes me emotional each time I watch it. Particularly the talent of Charlie, Ryan, Tommy and Kim really shown through in their scenes. Broke my damn heart.

Gallery Link:
Season 5 > Screen Captures > 5×03 – Laying Pipe

Official Deadfall Trailer (YouTube Link)

For those of you who couldn’t watch the previous Deadfall trailer which was posted on Hulu, then here’s your chance! And after your done check out all 46 HD captures of Charlie from the trailer in the gallery.

Deadfall will be released OnDemand November 1st and in theaters on December 7th!

Gallery Link:
Deadfall (2012) > Movie Trailer #001