Leanne’s Spoiler List: Coming Deaths Will Be For The Greater Good, Says Exec Producer Barclay

Don’t miss what Leanne’s Spoiler List had to say about the upcoming deaths this season on Sons of Anarchy!

Sons of Anarchy: Death is coming for the fellas of FX — and it certainly won’t be pretty. Producer Paris Barclay says that there will be “quite a few empty seats at the table” by season’s end. Yikes! And unfortunately, star-slash-baddie Ron Perlman fears he might be one of them. “I’ve worried [about being killed off] pretty much for the last three seasons,” Perlman says. “My deeds get more and more dastardly, and more and more heinous. I’m fodder, baby. A lot of people want to take me out, and not for coffee.” [Insert your version of “oh snap!” here.]

Losing Clay would be a major bummer, but Barclay says this season’s deaths will all be for the greater good. “We’re starting to develop the story of Jax (Charlie Hunnam) really taking control of the club,” he says. “There are going to have to be certain transitions to make that happen, and that’s what you’re going to see in Season 5.” Looking forward to it!