Charlie Hunnam Fan has a brand new look & URL!

Hey, guys! So I realized it had been quite a long time since I gave the site some much-needed love and attention. That being said I decided to give the site a much overdue revamp with a new site and gallery theme. I thought something more minimalistic compared to my previous theme would be a nice change up. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the new design in the comments. I’d love to hear what y’all think.

That being said, I also have another little nugget of news about the site; Charlie Hunnam Fan now has a brand new URL! I know this has been confusing to you visitors, but if you will recall in August of 2015 the site was forced to change URL’s because of a big issue with our old website host. Well, since then I had been hoping to purchase my old domain back but that just wasn’t happening so instead I kept an eye on other domain names and finally one came available and you can bet your tushy I snatched it up! 😉

You can of course still visit the site via our old URL of but the new URL is now – So please change your bookmarks for future reference.

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